Film – check!

Filmen var sådär. Lovande inledning men sen vart det mest explosioner och amerikansk patriotism (ganska väntat i och för sig). Snygga brudar i 40-tals kläder och fina bilar rakt igenom dock. Captain America får 2/5…öh? Ja, vad ska jag ha för poängpluppar? Benjamin har sina toasters och  Aftonbladet sina plus. Vad ska bitterfia ha?

The movie was ok. Promising in the beginning but as usual it ended up in explosions and American patriotism (which was expected on the other hand). Beautiful girls in 40’s fashion and nice cars through the movie though. Captain America will recieve 2/5…eh? Well, what kind of score shall I use? IMDB has its stars but what should bitterfia use?

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3 thoughts on “Film – check!

  1. Jenny

    Grapefruits eller campari såklart

  2. I would imagine a lot of Captain America is either lost on foreign audiences or would just annoy them. In his defense, I would like to point out that he represents the best in America and what we are truly supposed to stand for; instead of what it might appear we stand for. As an American, I tend to be annoyed by American nationalism and really any other nationalism for that matter. Anytime enough people get too worked up about the same thing, I get scared.


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