Too cool for school

Hör och häpna! Jag är färdig med min utbildning! Inom kort är jag alltså Master of infection biology. Detta firar vi med en runda med inlinesen (äntligen!) och ett avsnitt Game of thrones.

Listen to this! I’m done with my education. Soon I’ll be Master of infection biology. This will be celebrated with some skating (finally!) and an episode of Game of thrones.

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2 thoughts on “Too cool for school

  1. I hope u done well with ur exams. I found ur blog by chance while searching for some info abt the infection biology course. I’ve applied to the course in Uppsala and seems that I will start in the höst termin. I do like the scientific content of the course but a bit worried abt job chances in the future! Any information/advice? I’ll be grateful.

    Ha det kul! 🙂

    • Hi! If you’re planning to work in Sweden after the education, I suggest that you stay close to Uppsala/Stockholm. You will get alot of new contacts around the university and the surrounding cities which easily will give you a job within the infection biology area. You can also try to get a job during the summer holidays or an extra job during the terms. If you do a good job they will probably be interested in hiring you after the education/give you a chance to do your thesis there. At the same time as Uppsala and Stockholm has the job opportunities, the two cities educate many new researchers which of course leads to competition.

      I had no problem getting a job efter the Infection biology program. Actually I started working before I had presented my thesis. However, I recently moved to Halland, south of Gothenburg, where the job opportunities are quite few at the moment. Many companies are looking for postdocs or researchers with 10< experience. I'm not worried though. Our knowledge is valuable and almost everybody from my program are working within the field, no matter if they have stayed in Sweden or moved back home to their home country.

      Let me know if you have more questions. 🙂

      Say hi to the University from me!


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